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Micromechanics in Brindas – STEEC

High precision wire and sinking EDM in the Rhône

Founded in 1979 by Paul Rolland and taken over in 2017 by his three sons, Adrien, Baptiste and Clément, STEEC is part of the ABC Technology group in Brindas.

Over the years, it has built up a reputation in France and Europe in the field of precision machining by wire and sinking EDM, machining centres and laser micro-cutting.

Since June 2021, the company has been offering turning to expand its range of services and fully meet your requirements.

Always keen to develop itself, the laser workshop has acquired a laser machine specialised in the cutting and machining of mini-tubes.

Thanks to its specific know-how, STEEC is able to respond to the most complex requests requiring high-tech machining resources.

The company now works with sectors as demanding as aeronautics, space, automotive, medical, research and even fine watchmaking....

With its ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certifications, STEEC has defined a very precise internal quality management process.

This process allows a perfect understanding of the customer's problems, a reliable and systematic measurement of performance and a permanent improvement of the system.

From planning management to quality control, STEEC does everything possible to achieve the zero defect objective and guarantee your peace of mind on each of your projects.

Specialist in wire and sinking EDM near Lyon

STEEC has all the technical and human resources required to achieve high performance in high precision : fully air-conditioned workshops, a constantly renewed machine park, the latest generation of computer tools and continuous training for its staff.

These long-term investments enable the micromechanics company to provide increasingly innovative solutions to each of its customers.

STEEC is also approved for the Research Tax Credit since its creation in 2009.

To promote its know-how and expertise in precision micromechanical machining, STEEC participates in numerous trade shows.

The company has received several awards for its innovative spirit.

These awards encourage STEEC to go further and further into excellence...

Nuclear, medical and space micromechanics professional in Brindas

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88 street Pré Magné – 69126 Brindas


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