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News from STEEC in Brindas, micromechanics professional

News from our micromechanics and micromachining company in the Rhône

Discover the news of STEEC in Brindas.

A new laser machine has been installed in our premises since October 2022 to integrate into a new market.

This machine, equipped with a femtosecond laser source, allows both cutting and ablation micromachining of tubular parts such as medical stents, needles and tubular connectors. This high-tech jewel will allow us to increase our range of high precision laser micro-cutting parts for our customers.

After a month of optimisation, adjustments and training on the machine and its software, our team has been able to produce parts with a remarkable precision of a few microns with Cp and Cpk, for expert, higher than 4! This means high repeatability and reproductibility. We are able to machine diameters ranging from 0.2mm to 10mm with a maximum length of 300mm.

Details of the technological jewel and its achievements.

Alphacam our new software in the Rhône (69) !

photo vue d'ensemble d'une machine CN fermé avec son tableau de bord

STEEC agrandit ses locaux à Brindas

Our company decided to standardize its programming software on its different technologies.

With the help of the France Recovery Plan, we invested in a new CAD software, Alphacam, proposed by MW France.

Our technicians have been trained to use Alphacam software.

Photo de l'entrée des locaux STEEC

STEEC expands its premises in Brindas.

Too cramped in its premises, STEEC wanted to expand its working area.

A major expansion project of the company's current premises has been achieved in 2019. This extension is mainly dedicated to increasing the production area with new spaces that increase the available surface by almost 1000m². These investments enable STEEC to continue and support its growth in all its business sectors, whether in EDM, laser micro-cutting or micro-machining, as well as for the food industry.

This approach also enable STEEC's customers to benefit from an ever more qualitative service, whether in terms of lead times or machining performance. STEEC has always been committed to supporting its customers' projects.

The most complex requests have always enabled STEEC to improve its performance by pushing forward the collaboration and co-construction with its customers in all its sectors of expertise.

Photo focus sur une pièce en cours de contrôle

Partner of innovative start-ups like THRUST ME 

TRUST ME operates in the retail sector, except for cars and motorbikes.

The company's headquarters are currently located at 5 rue des Suisses - 75014 Paris.

STEEC supports and collaborates with the promising French aerospace start-up Thrust Me. Founded in February 2017 and spun off from Ecole Polytechnique and CNRS, Thrust Me is developing a revolutionary propulsion system giving small satellites extended life and increased orbital control.

STEEC has been working with Thrust Me since 2015, even before the start-up's legal existence. STEEC has been in charge of manufacturing important thruster parts, which are complex and present a large number of challenges from a micromachining point of view. For these parts, Thrust Me calls on all of STEEC's know-how, with parts made by laser micro-cutting for the finest parts. Others are made by micro-milling/drilling as well as wire EDM and sinker EDM when they are thicker and/or have multi-dimensional machining. STEEC works closely on the design and production of these highly technical parts to find the best micromachining solutions to meet the needs of Thrust Me's engineering teams in their product development.

"We are very pleased with the solutions that emerge from our discussions with the engineering department and appreciate the quality of STEEC's work." A. POYET, Mechanical Engineer.

STEEC offers Thrust Me, as well as each of its clients, over 35 years of experience in the execution of highly technical mechanical work in very demanding and varied sectors such as medical, aerospace, research and many others. STEEC's experience and high standards in quality management are also reflected in its ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, the latter having been obtained this year.

We have recently completed a training course in turning.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details on our new micromechanics. 

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88 street Pré Magné – 69126 Brindas


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