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Micro-milling and micromechanics in Brindas - STEEC

Milling and micro-milling of mechanical parts in the Rhône

STEEC can carry out milling and micro-milling operations on complex mechanical parts with ever-finer dimensions and tighter tolerances for several sectors of activity.

STEEC carries out micro-milling operations both for the production of parts and for the production of very high precision electrodes that enable all micro-drilling and sinking operations to be carried out in EDM.

Equipped with high-tech machinery and state-of-the-art computer tools such as Alphacam® software, STEEC is able to respond to specific requests and provide innovative solutions to each of its customers. The experience acquired in other high-precision machining technologies has enabled STEEC to develop innovative milling processes that are recognized in the industry.

Specialized in high-precision machining, STEEC, a certified company, does everything possible to provide a global subcontracting service that execeeds the customer requirements.

The entire STEEC team is at your disposal to answer your high precision micro-milling problems.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our micro-milling work near Lyon.
We also take care of EDM drilling and micro-drilling.


88 street Pré Magné – 69126 Brindas


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