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Micro-cutting and precision laser machining

Precision laser ablation and micro-cutting are part of STEEC's activities in Brindas, near Lyon.


We offer youl a range of laser skills thanks to a machine specialized in micro-cutting on tubular parts as well as ablation using a femtosecond laser source.
With the help of this innovative and high-performance machine, the production of your high-precision parts on tubular blanks whith diameter ranging from 10mm to 0.2mm, is possible with the laser cutting process.
We have the ability to micro-cut your parts in Nitinol, ferrous or non ferrous alloy as well as materials in polymers.


 Thanks to a machine with a USP (ultra - short - pulsed) source, also called femtosecond source, your specific needs such as ablation operations with a precision of a few microns can be achieved.

The use of this machine also allows the realization of complex geometries with very high precision. Branches down to the order of a few µm in thickness on diameters of less than a millimeter.



In the figure on the right taken at x240 the hexagonal shaped stent has 20 µm branches on a 0.7 mm diameter stainless steel tube.

We can  also produce your complex parts thanks to laser micromachining operations on flat parts or drilling, micro-milling, turning or wire EDM operations in Brindas.
Tubular parts made by micro-cutting or laser ablation are used in sectors of activity  with extreme requirements such as aerospace or medical.


88 street Pré Magné – 69126 Brindas


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